Chez Gigi

Fractured Fallacies of a Finagling Fact Finder

The Obfuscating Humorist has been in existence since 2011. There were three hundred posts on that puppy, and I scrapped them all in favor of obfuscation and puerile persiflage.

Though deep down I’m shallow, be reassured I spend a lot of time editing and polishing everything I write.

I am the victim of many fantasies, which lie thick as leaves in Vallombrosa. Blogging is a wonderful outlet for the Mind of the Idle, full of the Benign, the Bizarre, and the Bon Mot

Writing a blog requires discretion and discipline, attributes with which I am not naturally endowed. The public diarist reserves the right to be circumspect, not only to protect the privacy of loved ones, but to preserve much-coveted domestic harmony.

ChezGigi.comd is dedicated to humor, the kind that makes me laugh, and I’ve always thought I was hilarious. Sometimes, I’m the only one laughing at my jokes, and I hate explaining why they’re funny.

Someone told me that aspirin was good for your hair after swimming. I told her it kept falling off my head, even when I kept it in the bottle, but the mousse in my hair appreciated it, because he’d gotten drunk the night before. He just hated swallowing it with pool water.

This considerate person explained that the aspirin needed to be dissolved in water first, and then poured over my hair. That’s the kind of thing I run into all the time.

I’m a retired teacher, and if that doesn’t scare you thinking about the future of our citizens and country, I usually clicked with seventh graders. They thought I was cool. I thought they were hilarious, especially when they weren’t trying.

I passed three of them in a hall one day. They were rehearsing a Revolutionary War skit. One was marching back and forth with a broom over his shoulder.

‘The Rednecks are coming! The Rednecks are coming!’ said one colonial middle schooler.

‘That’s Redcoats, you dweeb’, said the other colonist.

‘History is fascinating‘, thought I.

If you haven’t had a humorectomy from a bored-certified plastic surgeon, you may enjoy my site. Do not underestimate the power of humor, which besides making you feel better, will make many of your fellow human beans think you are a shallow-pated, uninformed idget. They can go away and get their own country.

Their flag will depict a wagging finger.

mau2.pngThis is me, just a few years ago, showing off my new Easter underpants. This is how I feel about the aforementioned people we were discussing. 

Here’s unimpeachable feedback on from Stacey Gustafson who likes humor too. Thanks, Stacey!

And from a friend who is kind enough to check in and leave feedback now and then on new posts:

“Gosh darn it Gigi…I can’t believe your blog hasn’t been picked up by a magazine… You r like a worldly, 21st century Emma Bombeck…I also enjoyed her writing. Take care friend.”

They both made my two of my days-

I have a ton of posts written and in the hopper, which for the younger generation, means scheduled. I’ll have to find out what a ‘hopper’ is, one of these days.  I don’t keep these posts inside a bunny, but maybe a kangaroo’s pouch would work.

This blog is published on Kindle For Blogs, which makes it really convenient for those people who have Kindles:

My Amazon author page:  

My latest addition to the Kindle library of billions of books:

And The Award Goes To Pete, The Viking, For Perfect Attendance In Battle…

On Kindle Books

My Pan Am Years: The Smell of Jet Fuel and the Roar of the Passengers will be coming soon to a Kindle near you.

Flight attendant stories are a lot of fun. Some of mine created controversy amongst former Pan Amers. I am proud to say that I was banned, just like Lenny Bruce, from a ‘crew party’ forum, for reminiscing about something that a little old lady in the group didn’t feel should be discussed.

She’s away right now whacking penises off statues, or I’d introduce you.

The airline has been gone for almost twenty-five years. This isn’t Kennedy’s assassination we’re talking about. My stories are factual, and some people really hate that.

Pan-Am-Book-Cover1 I hope to be publishing my children’s books to Kindle, soon. I have some of those in that hopper I mentioned, but children’s books need illustrations, and illustrators need to be paid, and this is where paths have parted. That’s okay; maybe I’ll turn my characters into flight attendants and send them around the world.

They are two adorable puppies, and wouldn’t they be fun serving your peanuts?

I look forward to seeing you over there in!


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