September 21, 20-

Am struck anew by wondrous search terms that appear on dashboard of blog: Australian snob dolphin; ballerina woman kick man nuts; introverted insomniac; that feeling you get when you see a substitute teacher; kissing dopamine; and big, naked muscle bear. (Perhaps Google has heard me laugh at most inane of jokes and remarks and feels this is effortless way of entertaining me?).

When awareness surfaces again after pondering these phrases, a full half-hour has elapsed, and feel much sympathy with Walter Mitty.  (Query: Would not most therapists approve of wool-gathering, rather than otherwise, as it ensures that time is not spent in more destructive ways? This is perhaps wishful thinking on my part).

walter mitty

During course of research on old furniture, which we have owned since I was small, am gratified to learn that similar pieces are housed in museums as fine mid-century examples. On further reflection, am left wondering when possessions became mementos of ancient times. Think about the word ‘relic’ and remember that it was once used to describe a widow. (Perhaps single women can never grow old?) Am also aware that museum articles do not have gnawed spots on them.


(Remember reading that ‘distressed’  furniture is regarded as very valuable. Can only think that my own furniture must be very upset, and valuable, indeed).

Perhaps if house was buried in landslide, much-used possessions would be valuable archaeological finds. Could house be declared a tax-free, non-profit enterprise since it harbors prized Americana?  Am left wondering why I am not regarded more highly as relic of ancient time.

Begin rereading Diary of a Provincial Lady, which is undeniably inspiration for this diary. Books are quite as amusing as the first time. Find myself expecting vicar and vicar’s wife for tea, and wondering whether Cook has received orders about what to serve.  Have spoken to gardener about state of hyacinths.

manor house

Dear Don has said something most peculiar. He insists I consult therapist, maintaining we have no vicar, or vicar’s wife, or indeed, even a vicarage in all of Las Vegas.  Has also said we have no neighbor sporting title of ‘Lady’, and that there is no ‘servant problem’ as servants in house non-existent.  Am worried about his mental health, and will consult physician as to whether he may require medications.

Expect resistance to this plan.





September 19, 20-

Have checked library to see if new books are in. (Query: Does it make sense to keep ordering books from library when I have not finished reading the 30 I already have checked out?)

Cannot explain why I want books to read other than the ones I already have. Must be strange quirk of human nature, or perhaps only my nature. Console self with observation that checking books out of library is a non-expense.

Not looking forward to dentist appt. tomorrow.  Am getting only temporary filling, as budget currently does not allow full repair to be effected.  One lone back molar needs repairing, so feel fortunate that I have no major problems with teeth. Will pick up books after.

Am feeling very tired today. It may be too much sitting, or perhaps it is the swimming.

(Query: Why do we become fatigued from a) doing nothing; and b) doing something?)

Brandon and Jupie neck hug



September 18, 20-

Went swimming as usual at municipal pool.  Note that new suit is starting to disintegrate. Suit was bought mere month ago.  Have already replaced suit once this summer. Swimming, originally thought to be inexpensive way to keep in shape, is becoming costly.

Have tried numerous ways to wash suit after swimming. Would like to invent swimsuit which can withstand kryptonite death rays, yet still remain comfortable.

(Note to self: Must get chemical engineering degree, and establish science lab in basement). Do not have basement, and am not any great shakes at science.

Hopes of becoming rich and famous by inventing item many people would need and want, become faint once again.

Spent entirely too much time today on internet researching rumors and news items that appear to have no basis in fact. (Query: Do we enjoy being upset and fearful, or do we delight in rumors for the sake of disproving them?) These searches have again taken time from ubiquitous to-do list. Once again exhort self to learn to manage time.

nutty professor