Adopt-A-Sweetie Animal Rescue

My sister has been rescuing cats and dogs for eleven years in Texas. She lives in a trailer park, which has changed owners, and her rescue attempts are now meeting with hostility, aggression, and threats from the new owners. They are threatening to evict her and euthanize her animals. She has paid to spay, neuter, feed, shelter, and medicate many dogs and cats over the years, until someone has adopted them. At 68, she is feeling the stresses of management’s Gestapo techniques. If you feel you can help in any way, please do. You can donate, even a dollar, for the expenses of rescue, or leave a suggestion for her. Thanks so much!

Below are pictures of a rescue of two lab blends that management was threatening to send to the pound. My sister did not have room for them in her home, because of her other adoptees, and had to tie them in the front yard. Thanks to her efforts, a home was found for them!

I have tried to upload a Donate button through Paypal, but have been unsuccessful. I would appreciate help with that, also!




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