“I know it’s true, because I made it up myself”- gigi wolf

Keeping a Diary and writing a blog require discretion and discipline, attributes with which I am not naturally endowed. The public diarist reserves the right to be circumspect, not only to protect the privacy of loved ones, but to preserve much-coveted domestic harmony. So, while entries are autobiographical, they are not strictly accurate, or completely honest.

A Diary is however, a wonderful outlet for the mind of the Idle, which is full of the Benign, the Bizarre, and the Bon mot. This mind has time to think of just the right response. Talkers can interrupt Writers, but Writers can finish a sentence any way they choose.

I am on a continuing quest to keep writing regardless of the obstacles, of which there are none. ‘Scattered musings’ is a departure from my first blog, ChezGigi.com, which I have been feeding for three years. The urge to Keep a Diary crops up consistently in my thoughts, fueled by feverish visions of new journals, notebooks, and pens, seen when browsing in office stores, and from reading novels which feature a Budding Writer who writes in journals by Candlelight.

Besides blogging, I have published books to Kindle, and eagerly await the day when I can publish my children’s books. Children’s books require illustrators, who require payment. Here is where paths have parted, until such a time as finances improve. I have an Author  Page on Amazon, and visit it now and then to enjoy the sensation of being a Published Writer, self-styled though it is.

Click the ‘Follow’ button on the right side of the home page to be informed of new posts via email. The Provincial Sophisticate is the victim of many fantasies, most of her own choosing, and which are thick as leaves in Vallombrosa, so posts appear twice weekly.

Dear Diary is now published on Kindle Blogs: http://tinyurl.com/pmklh2f

(Simple, stylish Amazon badge not allowed on WordPress. Tiny URL very sympathetic and useful.)

The Suburban Urbanista was exhibiting signs of jealousy and envy, which could rapidly lead to psychosis. Therefore, the Provincial Sophisticate has allowed her to have her own blog at: http://thesuburbanurbanista.blogspot.com/

She is also published to Kindle for Blogs: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00PLND34Q

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