December 28-

Sign at pool informs me that water is 81 degrees, which does not fill me with confidence. Fears prove all too correct as legs have tendency to cramp during swim, no doubt from extreme cold, and I worry that lifeguard will feel need to intervene as I end each lap with undignified struggle. Lifeguard tells me that pool heater is broken. Heater worked at peak performance during days when outside temperature hovered at 110 degrees.

Don home by seven and just as he is being served bowl of chicken soup, phone rings. It is friend’s daughter who has been left by boyfriend at gatehouse of boyfriend’s mother, who is not at home, and daughter needs ride. This entails trip across town. After I sort out pronouns and think that I have grasp of situation, I ask where mother is, and Don says she is at casino, dancing. Stripping? I ask.

Dear Don gives me look suggesting that I have lost my mind, and says She is eighty. I reply that in Las Vegas Anything is Possible and we leave it at that.


Crock pot chicken soup a big success last week and is welcome again. Feel smug about cooking abilities which require nothing more than chopping some vegetables and throwing them with chicken in slow cooking pot. State of larder brings me down a notch, as celery and carrots are missing. Realizing I have put in sage instead of pepper brings me down another notch, but sage rather savory, on the whole.

Don is gone for two hours and on return, tells me that on arrival at gatehouse, daughter’s mother had finally arrived, making Don’s trip unnecessary. He then had flat tire on highway, and after repairing tire and starting home, discovered someone following him. Took precautions against possible thuggery on part of stranger, who turns out to be neighbor. (Am thankful no one else saw him lurking about behind vehicles in driveway.)

Story reminds me of other times when stranger was suspected of following one of us, the most recent being Don himself in customer’s car, trying to catch me to give me money. After zooming around corners, trying to shake villainous stalker, finally recognize Don at stop sign, as he gets out of car which has been following me. He is not pleased at impromptu chase around neighborhood.

The other instance of being chased recrudesces of road trip with dear friend to mountain town located in nearby state. Police dispatcher, a young woman in her personal car, pursued friend and myself around a parking lot. Dear mother had called local police in town where friend and I had traveled, because I had not checked in with her in timely fashion. She had tendency to kill and bury us if she had not heard from us immediately after arrival at destination.

Make plans later to set up Scrabble game, after first cleaning dust off top of box. Game has never been used, but was purchased entire year ago with fond visions of quiet, educational play with family members. According to stories inside box, Scrabble enthusiasts participate in Tournaments with other Dedicated Scrabble Players, and I reflect on harmony and unity of Other families.


(Warmly imagined moments fail to materialize due to each member of family having separate and compelling interests.)



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