December 07-

Spend holiday evening with several friends and family members. Young parents with offspring are present. One mother and daughter have spent entire morning serving breakfast at homeless shelter. Young mother causes me much internal hilarity with serious expression of satisfaction at young daughter being in what she terms Service Mode.

Ten minutes later, Young Daughter has caused extreme drama when her friend runs downstairs crying, and saying she Wants To Go Home Right Now due to obnoxious behavior on part of Young Daughter. Service Mode lasts only so long in second graders, before Nature reasserts itself.

rowdy girlsHave delightful lunch with dear friend who pays flying visit to town. He has taken some time from placing bets on basketball games to catch up with me. Am gratified, but wish for more time to talk. Dear friend leaves next day for California. I ask waitress to take picture, which I send on to him later, as proof to those at home, he says, that he has does something Other than Gamble.

Pictures, as usual, take inordinate amount of time to upload to computer. Memory fails every time of How To Do It , and have recourse to manual. Remind self of Olden Days before digital cameras when wait time to see pictures could possibly take years. Still find rolls of film hiding in boxes now and then, which never got developed.

photo labNecessity back then for film to be completely used, which was dependent on Photo Opportunities and Events, so as not to Waste Film. Unused film would remain in cameras, waiting to be used and then taken to Photo Lab, sent off to Main Lab to be Developed, sent back to neighborhood lab, and then picked up when spare dollars were available. By that time, proof of activities other than gambling, would be moot, and reason needed for proof forgotten.

Thinking of Olden Days engenders memories of other appliances, such as telephones. Land lines disappearing, and with them skills to pass on to our children, such as knowing How to Listen In on an Extension. Explain to dear Brandon how this was accomplished. Finger should have been held on button, while receiver was picked up very softly. Hand should have covered speaker, and if Eavesdropper was detected, receiver should have been very carefully replaced, while finger again held down button.

Much information about siblings, and everything else, could be garnered this way, if family had more than one phone. Cell phones now unavailable for eavesdropping for everyone but NSA.

phoneDelightful rainy weather visits desert town, and cuddle in bed like burrowing small animal. Fine weather engenders feelings of guilt when not being enjoyed, making gloomy, rainy weather welcome. Much is accomplished by way of cleaning and writing when time is spent indoors.

Little Shop of Horrors visits itself upon me with unexpected and rather trying visit to dentist. One leg sticks straight up in air, seemingly of own volition, as dentist asks me If That Hurts. I mumble incomprehensibly around implements that are crowding together in my mouth, and channel Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man.

While rooting for gold, Dentist teaches me medical terms for disgusting things that are found under some people’s teeth. Tell him Prurient Exudation sounds like heavy metal rock group, and eventually am released to go home, use ice on face, and take various medications, which makes burrowing in bed very satisfying.



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