October 27 –

Editor, whom I suspect of dropping the ‘o’ in Inquistr.com, has informed me that my effort to be possible contributor with article about yoga clothing Isn’t Quite the Thing. I respond by return email that I Haven’t slightest clue What they Want as my attempt fulfilled all their requirements as to Trending Topics, number of words allotted, and  Journalistic Format.

I further inform him that since their published articles read as if they are written by middle-school students, I suspect their ad for writers is fraudulent, and is Thinly-Veiled attempt to get readers instead.

(Have to date not had a response to this).

Am perfectly aware my reply is also reminiscent of middle-school, but am not inclined to check childish impulses, the frequency of which are growing with Age. Have strong suspicion that level of maturity of most people is merely for show, until such time as they feel free to behave according to inclination rather than expedience. Conclude this is why elderly are seen as cantankerous.


Reference to middle-school brings to mind pleasant (rather than unpleasant, of which there are many) memories of time spent teaching seventh-graders. Remember seeing three of them in hall during class rehearsing a skit for the Revolutionary War. One was marching up and down with musket, while other two performed duties as Villagers.

One Villager remarked to other that ‘The Rednecks Are Coming, The Rednecks Are Coming’. (Have no doubt this is true, but general alarm as to this news not imminent in all fifty states.) Fellow Villager responded in language not in vogue at time of Birth of Nation, ‘It’s Redcoats, you Dweeb.’


Sending scathing emails quite tiring, so spend rest of day drawing Zentangles with geometric shapes. This activity conducive to calming the spirit, as becoming agitated when doing Zentangle is difficult in the extreme. (Finding patterns in everything I see also results from doing Zentangle.) Inspiration strikes to fold papers in half to make bookmarks with patterns, and laminate them for inexpensive Christmas gifts.

Followed through on inspiration and made a Zentangled Bookmark for a dear friend. Can think of nothing less expensive, as total cost, including stamp, is less than two dollars. (Do not tell her this, however.)


As change of pace, dress Sugar in boa which is mysteriously taking space on bedroom floor and shedding feathers, which she occasionally tastes and spits out.


Plan spending spree with Big Money I will make from selling Bookmarks on handicraft site.


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