November 04-

Receive anonymous email that is one line only, curiously worded, and quite possibly grammatically erroneous: Are keen for work for a couple of months as an assistance. Cannot decide if this is Opportunity of a Lifetime for me, or whether sender is searching for that opportunity. Perhaps he wishes to be of assistance to me, or is wishing I’d get off My Duff and help him out. Without further clarification, I leave him to his own devices.

Sit down with dear Sugar and give her lecture expressing great Disappointment in her Poor Choices. She has torn huge chunks out of foam mattress that is used for lounging in back yard. Would prefer, as I have explained to her many times over, that she confine masticating impulses to rawhide, tasty rocks, and cast-off shoes.


She evinces every indication of comprehension, with canine vows of cooperation henceforward, manifested by furrowed dog brow, so expressive of the Sorrow and the Pity. Tears are lacking, but cannot expect everything.

Determine anew after watching news that traveling by bus will never Figure in my future. Public transportation seems to have power to instill violent impulses in random strangers.


(NB: Vision of self as Budding Environmentalist who does not wish to leave carbon footprint evaporates forever, without regret).

Dear Brandon wanders in and we Talk Politics. He has been Learning Things from discussions online. Internet friends are questionable influences, being self-confessed anarchists and communists. Muse on similar conversations from long-distant youth when older brother debated politics with our father. Older brother Activist and Liberal, and dear father was conservative Republican and former military, so results far from harmonious.

Brandon ends discussion with anecdote from middle school when classmate taped red ‘A’ on his back during class. I inquire whether this meant something indicative of an unpleasant personality, or did his classmate think he was an underage Adulterer, reminiscent of Hester Prynne and Scarlet Letter? He told me the red ‘A’ meant Anarchist.

(Perhaps Hester Prynne should have had recourse to Politics rather than Love? These Two are sometimes confused by elected officials, but am sure poor, dear Hester would have been able to tell the difference.)

Dear Hester’s last name is underlined in red by computer typing monitor. Could I possibly mean ‘prune’ or ‘preener’ or ‘spryness?’ (Query: Why would I mean those?) Suggestions of typing monitor difficult to comprehend. Mr. Hawthorne would no doubt disagree with monitor’s suggestions also, as Hester Prune does not carry same panache as original name.

Make lunch date for later in week with dear friend who is office manager. She agrees to lunch but stipulates that work is stressful and must therefore be back to office strictly in one hour.


Reflect that I should Feel Guilty about being only person I know who is not working, but feelings of remorse steadfastly refuse to surface.

(Query: Am I perhaps Anarchist at heart? Would much prefer to embrace Hedonism, as anarchy sounds rather chaotic and a great deal of work.)




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