November 03-

Mild weather entices and I carry computer, coffee, Kindle, pad and pen, camera, and magazines outside. Hurricane force wind springs up, neighboring teenager starts personal rock concert, other neighbor honks horn many, many times, and all available, able-bodied dogs begin to bark. Peace ruined, but I persevere in hopes that all will calm down. (Mem: Little People will certainly Hear About This when they arrive for planned invasion).

rock concert

Carry paraphernalia back inside when dirt starts blowing in face, and go grocery shopping.  Stand behind woman who is complaining to butcher, who comes around counter and into aisle to verify woman’s complaint. Woman turns to me, raises her hands, and states that daily Routine prevents her from being at store First Thing. She appears quite distressed over personal turn of events, but am unsure how to reassure her, as telling her Everything Will be Alright seems inadequate, so continue with my own shopping.

Idly wonder what she might do if Butcher and I stood shoulder to shoulder and began to mimic Greek chorus for her benefit, intoning in unison about the Universal Conundrums of Life. Would she know to reply to our Queries in verse, in order to facilitate narrative being told with continuity? (Greeks had much to contend with when entertaining audiences.)

greek chorus

Cashier informs me that it is Senior Discount Day, but assures me I wouldn’t be interested. When I tell her I am Senior, she looks surprised and says I am doing something right as she had No Idea. While I suspect her of circumventing actually asking if I am Senior, I subsequently take her home to keep in basement for boosting moods.


(Note to self: Must return her, as we have no basement.)

Balmy weather perfect for bicycling, but am reminded of Pomeranian Offensive from WWII when usual collection of small dogs rush at my ankles as I pedal, yapping ferociously. (Thousands of compact canines dropped by tiny parachutes behind enemy lines would have done much to win the war.)

Cannot however, decide whether neighborhood is Coming Up, or Going Down as houses not seen in months are either, a) neglected and seedy looking, or, b) in process of being renovated. (Decision as to how the Economy is Doing remains in limbo.)

(Mem: Information about State of the Union should not come solely from bicycling. Resolve in future to make use of more official news sources.)


Small dogs and WWII causes memory to recrudesce of conversation between myself and former fellow teacher. While ensconced in several thousand pages of Mr. Wouk’s novels about WWII, I make observation that Jews were remarkable for not only surviving, but thriving despite horrors visited upon them. In response, fellow teacher informs me that Bible Study explains that Jews brought horrors upon themselves because they Turned Away from God.

Am temporarily bereft of speech. Regretfully abandon first impulse, reaching across desk and yanking her hair very hard, many times, as plan would not be conducive to continued employment, nor be appropriate exhibition for impressionable young minds. I merely reply coldly that I will check with Jewish people to see if they concur with her assessment, and conversation comes to abrupt end. Resolve in future to abstain from trying to have Intelligent Conversations with strangers.

(Deep shudder commences when thinking of certain mind sets conveying historical information to young people.)

Later, other responses present themselves and I mentally inquire of her what it means when Christians go through similar trials? Repartee after the fact unprofitable, but useful as vent to feelings. Feel urge to write message to Mel Brooks in order that he may compose skit making fun of her. (Dear Mel would know exactly what to say.)

Mel Brooks

Below: My dad, a Decorated Fighter Pilot, an Air Force major, a veteran of World War II and Korean War, and Jewish.









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