October 30-

Go bicycling, and man wearing Pork Pie hat passes on his bike and says in sing song voice that His bike is better than Mine. Am startled to hear it, and wonder whether I should get new bike. Have no hope that Don will agree this constitutes valid reason for buying another one.

pork pie hat

Later, look for a Pork Pie hat instead of new bike. If I see man again I can sing I have Better Hat than he Does. Swimming poses no problem with anyone telling me they have better swimsuit, although this no doubt true, since I am no longer purchasing expensive suits to be consumed by chemicals.

Dear Don took truck and it is now newly washed and gassed, with fluids all in harmony. Truck and I are temporarily at a loss, as we have not had full tank of gas for a very long time. Spend pleasant few minutes contemplating All the Places I’d Go with unlimited fuel.

(Getting Older means many changes. Auto Erotica now signifies the exciting and pleasurable prospect of full tank of fuel.) Idle fancy occurs of mechanically-minded naughty website featuring cars with open hoods, doors, or Up on Jacks.


(Query: Is this reason for fake eyelashes for headlights?)

Visit doctor’s office and wait usual hour and a half. (Wonder, not for the first time, how an appointment has helped either patient or doctor.) Doctor has very kindly provided big screen television in lobby area on which to play movies and no doubt, prevent riots at long Wait. Small child in stroller screams entire time I am waiting, reminding me to ask doctor about sudden mysterious occurrence of headaches.


Later, after arriving home from doctor’s office, small neighbor boy brings Sugar numerous squeak toys to make up for one eaten by their dog. Squeaks are now heard from every corner of house, and am left pondering whether this was Act of Charity or Hostility. Find large rawhide bone hidden under pillow when I go to bed, and as usual, wonder about dear Sugar’s True Intentions.

Mr. Squeak mysteriously appears in my purse during errands, leaving me to wonder if he is a spy and has now blown his cover, or whether this is a hint that Sugar would like to come along, too. Mr. Squeak speaks up during a search for my wallet and cashier shoots me strange look, but I Carry On. Did not have as much cash as expected, but as Mr. Squeak appears innocent and was hiding nothing in his pockets, I let him go on his Own Recognizance.

Sugar and Squeak

(Lack of cash flow no doubt engendered by my own efforts. Resolve to stop Placing Blame on Others. Do not know whose fault it is that I do this.)





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