October 20-

Sample Ballot for early voting arrives in mail. Leaf through it in order to Be Informed, become bored, and ask dear Don to read it and form my opinions for me. (Have no hope this will go well. He has listened to many of my opinions over the course of this relationship, and therefore believes in my ability to form them.)

Feel compelled to find old song, ‘Once Upon a Time’, the tune of which has been playing in my head over and over. Find it on popular website with accompanying video, and dissolve into tears as pictures of long-gone Beautiful People embrace one another while song plays.

(Possible treatise on why women feel the need to Weep on otherwise beautiful day presents itself, but cannot see properly to begin writing.)

once upon a time

Sharing song and video with Don leads to revelation (am not sure how) that he has never read The Highwayman, so I read it to him and break down again when landlord’s Red-Lipped Daughter shoots herself to save Dashing Highwayman. Dear Don at first very much against Dashing Highwayman as being thief and possible murderer, but after hearing poem, he joins me in tears.

(NB: Sentimental men so refreshing).

Goal of skinnier body closer than ever but feel as I might sprout wings and fly like a chicken. Am not sure chickens fly, but I have not been eating eagles, so cannot Metaphorically become one. (Am convinced that if diagnosed with anorexia, loss of weight would be slow, but conversely is rapid after one potato chip).

Melody of song continues to play in head over and over, but substitute word ‘carbohydrates’  instead of Love. Have often wondered at inclination of human brain to skip from one dilemma of life to another. Remember when young, carbohydrates had no effect on Figure, which was perhaps why Love appeared so often, so can see where Brain might find link between the two.

Roll out mountain bike from summer hibernation and fill tires. Reflect once again that southern Nevada is like the South Pole where everything is opposite. Try to remember how it felt to embrace outdoor activities in summer, rather than winter. Further reflection reminds me that in a month, I shall be enjoying these activities while many others will be muffled to eyebrows in winter clothing.

vintage bike

(Later, conduct research on internet to make sure everything really is opposite in South Pole, but after doing so, am no closer to answer. Vague idea presents itself that water goes down drain in counterclockwise motion).

Have now grand total of three bicycles: One stationary bike which has electronic console which only permits of one speed, Difficult, one vintage bike hooked up to outside trainer, and one mountain bike.

Grandiose plans take place in Mind of riding at least one of these bikes every morning, and then swimming in afternoons. Las Vegas speculators likely to Clean Up if making book on whether I live or die with proposed physical routine in place.


(Query: Faith in personal abilities far removed from actual capabilities. Is distance between Belief and Reality typical of advanced age?).





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