October 13-

Dear Don munches potato chips and has apple pie for dessert as we watch television show after dinner. I ask him what happened to Diet he plans to start. He answers that after he has Removed these Foods from Temptation he will begin. Cannot make any reply to this curious rationale, as it is one I have used many times, and am in fact, the originator of pronouncement.

Numerous pies were dropped off by old friend who had many left after food convention. Since Don had just informed friend the night before that we were a) on strict diet, or, b) just about to start one, can only wonder about process of thought which made him believe pies would be welcome. Some are distributed to friends, but others come home, and it became clear to me that pies, indeed, are very welcome as far as dear Don and Brandon are concerned.


Take cold medicine as contribution to dessert, and read instructions on bottle. Instructions state in no uncertain terms that taking more than four doses in a 24 hour period very risky, and will lead to Liver Failure. Frantically consult watch, and hope that I do not forget tomorrow and consume two or more doses.  Incipient sore throat reason for this unusual consumption of mouth-puckering medicine. Dear Brandon suffering from cold, and am hoping it will not Go Through the House.

Become overwhelmingly sleepy from cold medicine and thoughts of temptation, dessert, organ failure and death fall away. (Query: Could not cold medicine be used as dietary technique when temptation becomes strong? Sleep a good antidote to cravings as eating is not possible when sleeping.) Feel it far more likely that I will become addicted to cold medicine despite dire warnings on bottle.


(Check carbohydrate count in each dose, and reflect that for many women, weight loss retains priority even over Death and liver failure.)

Eagerly check messages to see if dear Mel Brooks has read the post of October 09, wherein he is mentioned, and became so overwhelmed he could not wait to contact me. Am just thanking him profusely in another message, and telling him he is mentioned in this entry also, when thought inserts itself that ‘Crazy Blogger and Stalker’ is not a label with which I want to be identified, even by Hollywood community.

Am gratified to learn that dear Amazon technicians have finally fixed glitch in system, and have published Diary to Kindle blogs. Am accepting award for Best Blog of the Year from panel of experts, although have not decided where their expertise lies, when I notice number of blogs in existence on Kindle. Have no hope that anyone will ever find this Diary amongst the five million already there. (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NWZSUG6)

Dear Brandon wanders in and tells me a friend has been called for jury duty three times, and each time friend replies to Court that he is a Racist, a Communist, and a Fascist. Dubious virtues of friend are ignored by Court, and they continue to require him to make appearance. Brandon tells friend to inform them that he Reads Books.  This, he says, is sure-fire way to be excused from duty. If this is indeed true, does not fill me with confidence in justice system or being tried by jury of Peers.

Would want to know if my Twelve Angry Men have read Inherit The Wind before coming to a decision concerning my fate.







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