October 02, 20-

Being Good becomes oppressive and succumb to overwhelming need for sugar while watching Star Trek, The Next Generation last night. Ate two candy bars and piece of pie.

Disgust with self non-forthcoming, and was pleased with devolution rather than otherwise. Decided to make up for it, as recall reading that if Sinner jumps back on wagon by following day, calories consumed the night before cannot latch onto thighs. This causes me to think of leeches, and wonder if there is store in town that sells them for dietary purposes. This leads to revolting thought that there may be cultures that eat leeches. Wonder if leeches would be happy here, with so much sin to clean up.

Weigh seriously the possibility that alien life form assumed temporary control of brain and forced me to eat dessert. Feel this is excellent justification for being Bad.

alien control

Have watched all episodes of show as never watched it first time around. Feel bereft when show is done. Have noticed similar phenomenon after watching other shows. Story lines often lead to heated discussions with family as to whether various personnel on starship have made correct decisions or displayed sound rationale. Familial tranquility much ruffled by occasional shortsightedness of professional writers.

(Query: Are they necessarily the best choice for chronicling subjects such as inter-species romance, galactic war, or quantum mechanics?).

Domestic arguments may very well have generated strong letters to writers of show, but remember in time show has been archived for twenty years and writers no doubt scattered to other ‘enterprises’. Imagine host of little starships hovering around Hollywood studio, ready to welcome Writers on board.

Object strenuously to pejorative applied to comet in one episode, as being ‘rogue’. Feel that comet has perfect right to zoom through space. Dear Don disagrees. He maintains comet is ‘rogue’ and belongs in its own galaxy instead of disrupting others’ playtime. Dear Brandon begins to strut to kitchen in performance meant to mimic putative Rogue Comet. I adhere to original position, as I feel it is Wrong to be judgmental about comets.


(Query: Does retirement and non-involvement in working life generate too much absorption in fantasy, and if so, shouldn’t city call upon us more often for jury duty?).

Decide being juror would create Conflict of Interest as Star Trek aficionado may be unable to decide whether accused  is really alien in disguise. (Think of Kim Kardashian to determine how she might appear with markings peculiar to Cardassian warriors).  Enjoy a few moments planning spending spree with dollars earned while on jury duty.  Realize spree will be small.

Driving presents further difficulty as it becomes necessary to restrain impulse to say Engage, and then drive at Warp Speed. Remind self that truck is not equipped with cloaking shields which would Render it Invisible to law enforcement.

Born To Be Wild plays on cellular as personal ringtone, and does not help dissipate natural inclination to defy law and convention.






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