September 23, 20-

Treat feet to professional pedicure and realize as I mentally compose shopping list that I look at feet more than my hands.  (Note to self: Look up at sky now and then).  Do not get toes painted as swimming very hard on color.

Wonder why shopping list is needed when same foods are consumed on consistent basis. Have been on low-carbohydrate diet for two months and am told that weight is Coming Off.  Am gratified when wearing formerly tight clothing, but continue to be desirous of slices of toast swimming in butter and jam, or plates of spaghetti.


(Cravings subside after exercise, as do not want all that effort to be wasted).

On the way home, see two men in intersection soliciting money for A Cause. I lower window for pleasant young man who tells me they are raising money for their church’s efforts to help women who are on drugs.  Song on radio is ‘Hooked On A Feeling’ and is playing very loudly as he  walks up to window. Wonder if he notices coincidence and will write about it later in his Diary.  Donate one dollar as appropriate amount in case young men are collecting solely for their Own Gain.

Song by Pointer Sisters plays next. Lyrics enjoyed by me and neighborhood, as have never evolved past teen years when loud music was enjoyed in car. Suddenly realize that line ‘Not come and go in a heated rush’ has double meaning.

(Query: Does the fact that it takes twenty years to understand full meaning of lyrics mean that I am Pure of Heart and Mind?) Thought inserts itself that it is more likely to mean I do not look for deeper meanings.

Rather discouraging reflection on sharpness of mind.

Do housecleaning as usual. Dear Sugar Baby sheds quantity of hair, in spite of having short coat.  Other than visit to groomer to shave off coat to avoid extra exertion, wonder whether dog hair could be collected and recycled as energy source. Would be wonderful use of poor animals confined in shelters. They would only need to shed, which they do anyway. Plan at once practical, humane, and sustainable.

(Feel smug and wonder whether I am budding environmentalist). Vision dissolves as I dispose of paper and plastic in trash.

Evidence of what has been removed from floor of house now resides in water in Rainbow, and is most gratifying confirmation of effort put forth. Water resembles primordial murk. Inexplicable amount of filth engendered after a mere seven days. Reflect on whether we favor Pig Pen character in Peanuts and shed dirt in showers.


Ponder concept of Eternity as I clean same corner of earth week after week, year after year. (Query: Contrary to popular and biblical belief, is housework conducive to spiritual growth?)





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