September 20, 20-

Feel adrift now that pool is closed until end of month. Adjective ‘adrift’ very appropriate and idly wonder if writers’ choice of words are really subconscious.  Imagine myself in raft in middle of ocean, waiting for rescue. (Query: Why wait for rescue? Why not swim since lack of swimming got me into fantasy in the first place?)


Check on messages on computer in usual places and tell myself once again this is Waste of Time. Continue doing it anyway. Often wonder what could be accomplished if did not spend time on social sites, but aware that Saving World would not take precedence. Would instead be cleaning something, or watching tv.  Am nevertheless appreciative of adult conversations. Retirement very quiet state, especially since dear Don still working.

Throw out large jar of half-used, stale peanut butter. Discrepancy often exists between intention and result. Buy large quantities of something because it is economical, but item goes stale before it gets used. Consider cleaning jar thoroughly and tucking money inside as fund for future entertainment or emergency. Feel this is guilty attempt to make waste of food more palatable.  Am furthermore aware that spare funds for Tucking Away do not lie thick on ground.

(Adjective ‘palatable’ so appropriate in connection with food. Wonder if it is possible to be declared incompetent based on mind games. Just as I am being sorrowfully admitted to Sanitarium by family, remember maxim that if one wonders if one is crazy, than it is unlikely that one is).

Dear Sugar Baby, wanting attention, leaves squeak toy on knee. Become aware of rubber toy when cold, slimy sensation interrupts train of thought. Have often wondered whether many writers own pets, though many books are written about them.

Pets and children perhaps abstract concepts to writers, who are better able to cast them in sympathetic and affectionate light if they do not actually interact with them.  Remember stories told by children of great writers who recollect life with their progenitors with less than fondness.


Sugar watches housework with extreme interest, standing ready to help. This is indicated by cocked head and erect posture. Suspect this is more tendency to look for fun and play, rather than through any true sense of interest or sympathy with task at hand.

Dear Brandon tells me long story about chess game that can bring World Peace while I sip first cup of coffee. Am reminded of school days, now long distant, in which we were asked to imagine world leaders duking it out in boxing ring instead of destroying world through wars.

Dentist appointment went well. Am struck again by dentists’ tendency to talk to patient and wait for answer when patient’s mouth is full of cotton, tools, and Novocaine. Are dentists masters at decoding mumbles? Should they have been recruited by OSS in WWII to decipher recordings that were not very clear?

Remind self that a great many questions, although absorbing, are moot, as War is long over.

History of World chess game


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