September 19, 20-

Have checked library to see if new books are in. (Query: Does it make sense to keep ordering books from library when I have not finished reading the 30 I already have checked out?)

Cannot explain why I want books to read other than the ones I already have. Must be strange quirk of human nature, or perhaps only my nature. Console self with observation that checking books out of library is a non-expense.

Not looking forward to dentist appt. tomorrow.  Am getting only temporary filling, as budget currently does not allow full repair to be effected.  One lone back molar needs repairing, so feel fortunate that I have no major problems with teeth. Will pick up books after.

Am feeling very tired today. It may be too much sitting, or perhaps it is the swimming.

(Query: Why do we become fatigued from a) doing nothing; and b) doing something?)

Brandon and Jupie neck hug




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