September 18, 20-

Went swimming as usual at municipal pool.  Note that new suit is starting to disintegrate. Suit was bought mere month ago.  Have already replaced suit once this summer. Swimming, originally thought to be inexpensive way to keep in shape, is becoming costly.

Have tried numerous ways to wash suit after swimming. Would like to invent swimsuit which can withstand kryptonite death rays, yet still remain comfortable.

(Note to self: Must get chemical engineering degree, and establish science lab in basement). Do not have basement, and am not any great shakes at science.

Hopes of becoming rich and famous by inventing item many people would need and want, become faint once again.

Spent entirely too much time today on internet researching rumors and news items that appear to have no basis in fact. (Query: Do we enjoy being upset and fearful, or do we delight in rumors for the sake of disproving them?) These searches have again taken time from ubiquitous to-do list. Once again exhort self to learn to manage time.

nutty professor


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